“Each tour is a challenge and it is not until they are almost done that you really realize what your individual challenge was. What is important is being able to share before, during and after in order to inspire others.”

Rani Melendez, USA

“An extremely simple and significant experience, where we become grateful beings. It hurts if you go fast. It hurts if you go slow. But this is nothing compared to the pain of friends and family who have had to fight cancer. I pedal in his honor and remember his determination to survive and also celebrate those who have won their battles.

Susan Northcott, New Zeland

“I was increasingly impressed by the relationship that was being generated between us, I already saw them as friends, as partners in struggles, we sat together at the same table, tightly packed because we didn’t want to separate! Awesome.

Dominique Lavanchy, Chile

“The feeling of freedom when riding a bike, leaving everything behind on the road is over; now riding a bike for me means looking forward to things to come. Be stronger and better.”

Florencia Cibeira, Argentina

“Life is many times disparate, and we could not say that contracting this damn disease is lucky, but being a Fireflies is.”

Canuto Errázuriz, Chile

“I think there was no day without crying, nor without smiles, without singing or dancing. The roller coaster of adrenaline and feelings was extreme.”

Isidora Solari, Chile

“Fireflies Patagonia is not a race, it is a delivery with meaning, on the other, understanding how to help another is fundamental for life.”

Juan Purcell, Chile

“Overcome, get back up, perseverance, understanding from within to give up, there is no option …”

Daniela Seyler, Chile

“Teamwork is essential at Fireflies Patagonia, cyclists and staff support each other unconditionally at all times.”

Andrés Tagle, Chile

“I thought Fireflies 2019 would end out of stock and turned out to be wrong. This trip ended up being one of the most soul-refreshing trips I’ve ever done.”

Per Von Appen, Chile

“Fireflies Patagonia is a reminder of how fragile life is and how quickly things can change. I feel like one of the lucky, healthy ones to ride my bike, raise funds and make a difference. I live with immense pride to be part of the Fireflies story.”

Mike McGee, Gales

“Cancer and cycling have similarities, both are an individual fight with the support and backing of a great team, that is Fireflies Patagonia for me, a great team working to help those who fight against cancer.”

Jairo Maniega, España