Fireflies is part of the war against cancer whose battlefield is on the world’s most epic routes and the weapons are bicycles.When we come up against an obstacle, we need to feel we are not alone. As human beings, we possess the fundamental need to support our loved ones when they are suffering.

Over 20 years ago, a worldwide community was born from this desire to help people with cancer.

Over the years, the financial and moral support from hundreds of thousands of miles ridden have improved many lives.

This is what pushes every Firefly over the Cols of the Alps, through the loose gravel of Patagonia, and across the roads of New Zealand, California, and New York.

This book is about the passion that is Fireflies. It highlights Fireflies Patagonia, a ride which touches our hearts most fiercely, as it was born at a dinner table by the La Meije mountain in the heart of the alps during the 2015 Fireflies Alps ride. It took shape in the minds of us, received the love and guidance of veteran ‘Flies over many months of planning, before being presented to Fireflies headquarters for their thoughts and approval.

A Reconnaissance Ride or Year Zero was the first experience. A group of tough as nail veterans came to experience Patagonia and to see if the ride was even do-able, so challenging were some of the segments. We are very grateful to our friends who braved the unknown and smashed that year. Their feedback was fundamental in crafting the ride into what it has become today.

We are inspired by those whom we ride for and by our fellow riders.

Cycling is a sport in which improvement can be felt and measured as we train, and we can get better even as we age.

This book was made possible by a team of passionate people at Nescafé in Chile, who believed in the story behind Fireflies Patagonia. In March 2020, this team followed Fireflies Patagonia, and provided special support to our crew. They went above and beyond what a normal sponsor does, to actually come out and be with us on the road. We want to give this special mention to everyone who was there.

We also wish to thank the generosity of numerous donors & sponsors who have supported every ride till today. Without the support of each one of them, all this would not be possible.

We are profoundly grateful with all the team at La Casa Films, who helped to craft and produce the extremely challenging logistics of this ride in the remote Patagonia beauty of Chile and Argentina.

Thanks to Sandy Watson who receive us with open arms at her home in London to give life to this project, to Laine Lindsay Law for trusting in us and gave us her key support to make this ride happen.

We also wish to highlight the efforts of Cristobal Mardini, veteran of two Fireflies Patagonia rides and counting, who took on the mission of spear heading the book project. Without him, you would not have this beautiful book in your hands.

Fireflies Patagonia is the toughest charity gravel ride yet, the spirit is to keep producing it every year to keep fighting against cancer.

For those who suffer, we ride!

Axel Brinck & Polo Luisetti Founders of La Casa Films & the Fireflies Patagonia chapter


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