Determination. Grit. Compassion. Courage. Endurance. Selflessness. Stamina. A good chamois. And most of all, a big heart! These are just a few of the qualities needed to join the Fireflies Patagonia Tour.

This is not a race. Nor a show of how fit you are. This is a ride that will change you from the inside out (many times over) and in turn, will change the riders around you – all in the best possible ways. If your aim is to fight cancer, one pedal at a time. If you want to ride far, with a band of like-minded gauchos. If you want to discover a new you, while finding the real meaning of suffering. Then sign up… and get ready.

All varied disciplines of riding (road/gravel/mountain) are similar, yet wildly different. Riding in the dirt for hours on end is like no other. You must know your bike. You must know your ability. You MUST train – up, down and all around. Doing one “type” of training is NOT enough. It requires months of focus and adherence to the terra firma this earth is built of. If you are doubting, speak. If you love bikes and want to kick cancer’s ass, step up.

This ride is not for the faint of heart. But neither is cancer. It’s time to dig deep, train hard, get (really) dirty and raise money as you have never done before! This is YOUR chance to make a difference.

Will you?