Route for Fireflies Patagonia 2021

4th to the 13th of March


Thursday, March 4th – Arrival to the South of Chile
We will have Vans for transfers from Patagonia to the Basecamp at our Lodge for riders, bags and their bicycles.

Thursday, March 4th, Pre Ride Meeting and Dinner – This is a mandatory dinner for Fireflies only. Dinner is at the hotel. We will introduce the crew, talk about road safety, go over the ride itinerary, hand out jerseys and other kit, and cover logistics for the morning.

Friday, March 5th is Shakedown day – Rest up, fit, bike check and an optional awesome ride. Great morning ride, highly recommended.

Saturday, March 6th, Ride starts, Stage 1.

Friday, March 11th, finish in Patagonian lands. Stage 8.

Saturday, March 12th, early flight to Santiago.

Sunday, March 13th, Climbing Challenge day in Santiago.

End of the Fireflies Patagonia 2021 ride.



The tour is over 8 days cyclocross riding with a total distance of +1000km. We ride an average of 116km/72mi per day.

The road through Argentina runs east of the Andes and is dry and stark, while the Chile route is exposed to the Pacific fronts and is wet and for the most part more challenging. It’s possible to cross in places and we enjoyed a combination of the two extremes.

Crossing the Andes Mountains is a difficult task, putting all participants to the test. While meandering through uncharted forests, virgin streams, and dormant volcanoes, the challenges of these remote locations make the riders recognize the valiant effort of fighting this disease.


Road to Valle Nevado

This is an optional part of our ride… We propose that we start with a very particular track. It’s the route who gets to the highest point in the outskirts of Santiago. 3100 mts asl between the Andes mountain range. Mixing dirt and paved road between a breathtaking landscape among the Andes.

Distance 90 km – 56,9 miles